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Modern sleek lectern. Made out of wood, stainless steel and acrylic. The connections for the microphone(s) and reading light run through the frame. At the bottom of the base plate you can connect the microphone(s) and reading light on your equipment and on the mains. The lectern Plectorr is available with 1 microphone in the middle and the reading light on the outside corner or with 2 microphones and the reading light optional in the middle

  • Constructed out of wood, stainless steel and acrylic
  • Microphone*
  • Shockmount*
  • LED reading light*
  • Castors
  • Protective case*

    (*) Optional

More at : design-lectern.com

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The one and only original

Product details
Wall mount for your iPad with digital pin lock and docking charger.  The iTop Locker iPad wall mount is entirely made of steel  (zincor) and finished with durable powder coating. Available in various colors. Your iPad can also be used whilst in the holder.

The iTop locker is mounted to the wall with 4 bolts / screws. The power supply cable passes through the rear of the enclosure into the wall.

The iTop Locker is developed by Villa ProCtrl in cooperation with BeagleBoxx for using the iPad in hospitals. BeagleBoxx developed a total concept for iPad rental in hospitals.  Read more on the website of BeagleBoxx about this unique concept. The iTop Locker iPad wall mount is perfectly usable in retail, hospitality, gym and other business services.

How to use the lock
Your iPad is safely stored away in the iTop Locker. By entering a 4 digit pin code (possible to change after each use)  the lock opens. Tilt the holder towards you and take the iPad out of the holder for use. After use put back the iPad, close the holder, enter your 4 digit code and turn the holder in the lock. Your iPad is charged while it is in the holder. You can also use your iPad whilst in the enclosure, all buttons are accessible. The lock is provided with an user code. This code is defined by the 4 digits you specify each time you lock the holder. In addition, there are 2 fixed (6 digit) master codes you can decide.
The combination lock is powered by a 9 Volt block battery and has a lifespan of up to at least 15,000 openings (by using a 9 Volt Alkaline battery).

iPad in protective silicon cover
Your iPad fits in the wall mount including the protective silicon cover (in various colors available). Your iPad is always protected when using it out of the holder.

  • Dutch design
  • made in the Netherlands
  • docking function
  • headphone connection in the holder
  • all buttons accessible whilst in the holder
  • iPad in extra protective silicon cover
  • steel (zincor) with powder coating finish
  • digital pin combination lock to change after each use
  • available in several colors
  • 2 master codes (6 digit) on the lock
  • you determine the code
  • lock after entering 4 incorrect codes
  • emergency power using a 9 Volt battery in the control panel
  • at least 15,000 openings when using a 9 Volt (Alkaline) battery
  • PCB circuit board with microprocessor based on SMD technology
  • iPad including cover in the holder
  • silicon cover available in several colors


VPA16011401 render 04  VPA16011401 render 01










VPA16011401 render 02 VPA16011401 render 04














More info at pro-ipad-stand.com




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Lecturer table model LaRonde, the perfect model to discuss. Available in 5 designs : 1, 2, 3 or 4 microphones or just without microphone. The frame is made out of stainless steel. The discs are colour painted MDF.

statafel rood microfoon 400

















statafel wit microfoon 04 statafel zwart microfoon 03 statafel wit microfoon 02 statafel rood microfoon 01

























More at design-lectern.com

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Elegant and successful iPad® holder of Villa ProCtrl


iTop Twist Counter stand in DuPont™ Corian® (Glacier White colour) Photos: Olery, all rights reserved. – iTop Twist Floor stand in DuPont™ Corian® (Glacier White colour) Photo: Villa ProCtrl, all rights reserved.

The renowned design bureau Villa ProCtrl has developed an iPad® holder from DuPont™ Corian® high-tech surface, a material as versatile and continuously evolving, as the iPad itself.

Luut Groenhof, commercial director at Villa ProCtrl commented: “At first we experimented with acrylic, but that didn’t have the right quality. DuPont™ Corian® has the same density as concrete. It’s sturdy and durable, which is important for stability. You really feel like you’re holding something. Also, it’s not cold to the touch, which makes it pleasant to hold.” The iPad stand with DuPont™ Corian® is going to be global sensation.

read more here


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Slowly but surely we have been working on updating our new website. It offers high resulotion pictures of all our current lectern models.
furthermore we ar adding more models and more information in the weeks/months ahead.


More at www.design-lectern.com

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iTop iPad kiosk

Itop ipad kiosk 240


iTop Kiosk Floor stand

The iTop secure iPad Floor stand in combination with the iPad  is ideal for product presentations at service desks, retail, Hotel receptions, Showrooms and expo’s. The front and back panels are ideal for branding purposes. (also available as presentation desk)

Product details
Durable high Quality Floor stand  with integrated docking for the Apple iPad connector and cable. It’s frame is constructed out Aluminum. The top is made of a very though solid surface composite (Corian)


– Semi matt white Corian iPad holder and top
– Anodized high quality Aluminum
 – Integrated docking (connector and cable)
– optional home button block available
– Easy assembly (Tools included)
– Worldwide shipping
  – Made in the USA

 – Full Aluminum top available
– Decoral decorative coatings available
– Logo etched, printed in top or base

 for Apple iPad 2 & new iPad3/

More info at: http://pro-ipad-stand.com/57/itop-kiosk-ipad-enclosure/

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100% Dutch Design, 100% made in the USA the new unique all aluminun iPad enclosure with integrated Magtek uDynamo secure card reader.   The iTop PayDynamo is available as floor stand, counter stand and wall mount.

ipad rounded bezel 4


  • Integrated Magtek  uDynamo (USB power/data cable runs invisible through the stand)
  • High quality aluminum frame and body finished in a high quality powder coating.
  • iPad docking cable runs through the stand.
  • Reset button reachable while ipad stand is in the enclosure.
  • Soundport.
  • Secure desk mounting available.
  • Anti theft options available.
  • Dutch design made in the USA.

ipad rounded bezel 3

for more info call:
Toronto  647 724 4065 – New York  646 845 1846 – Amsterdam  +31 (0)20  716 36 55
or send an email to sales@villaproctrl.com

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